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Who Is To Be Charged?

INSPECTOR SIMS: Is that Mr. Poirot? Inspector Sims here. Things are beginning to sit up and look pretty (1) in that little matter you and I know of.
DETECTIVE POIROT: Tell me, I pray of you.
SIMS: Well, here's item No. 1 - and a pretty big item. Miss B. left a small legacy to her niece and everything else to Katrina. In consideration of her great kindness and attention - that's the way it was put. That alters the complexion of things. Item No. 2 - nobody but Katrina handled that cachet. (2)
POIROT: You can be sure of that?
SIMS: The girl herself doesn't deny it. What do you think of that?
POIROT: Extremely interesting.
SIMS: We only want one thing more evidence of how the poison came into her possession. That oughtn't to be difficult.
POIROT: But so far you haven't been successful?
SIMS: I've barely started. The inquest was only this morning.
POIROT: What happened at it?
SIMS: Adjourned for a week.
POIROT: And the young lady - Katrina?
SIMS: I'm detaining her on suspicion. Don't want to run any risks. She might have some funny (3) friends in the country who'd try to get her out of it.
POIROT: No, I don't think she has any friends.
SIMS: Really? What makes you say that, Mr. Poirot?
POIROT: It's just an idea of mine. There were no other "items" as you call them?
SIMS: Nothing that's strictly relevant. Miss B. seems to have been monkeying a bit with her shares lately - must have dropped quite a tidy sum. It's rather a funny business, one way and another, but I don't see how it affects the main issue - not at present that is.
POIROT: No, perhaps you are right. Well, my best thanks to you. It was most amiable of you to ring me up.
SIMS: Not at all. I'm a man of my word. I could see you were interested. Who knows you may be able to give me a helping hand before the end.
POIROT: That would give me a great pleasure. It might help you, for instance, if I could lay my hand on a friend of the girl Katrina.
SIMS: I thought you said she hadn't any friends?
POIROT: I was wrong. She has one. Before the Inspector could ask a further question, Poirot had rung off.

  1. things are beginning to sit up and look pretty - ситуация проясняется
  2. cachet Fr. here - коробочка
  3. funny colloq. - подозрительный

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