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Телефонный разговорник

Additional Telephone Conversations
Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

Casual Business

MR. HOPKINSON: Hello. Mr. Hopkinson speaking.
MR. STOCK: Hello, Tom. Stock here.
MR. HOPKINSON: You are just the man I wanted to speak to.
MR. STOCK: Well, here I am. What's it all about, then?
MR. HOPKINSON: Well, you know that emergency delivery to Stockholm we were talking about the other day?
MR. STOCK: Yes - you mean the one they wanted delivered by the 25th?
MR. HOPKINSON: Yes, that's the one. They've been on the telex about it to us only this morning, and now they say they must have it by the beginning of next week. I don't know. What with that and this big French order (1) we've got coming up, I've been up to my ears in it.(2)
MR. STOCK: I see. Then we'd better get it off pretty soon, hadn't we?
MR. HOPKINSON: Yes, they're counting on us.
MR. STOCK: That's right. I know old Gustavsson pretty well, actually, and I shouldn't like to let him down either.
MR. HOPKINSON: We'll have to think of something, then, shan't we? What's old Gustavsson like, by the way?
MR. STOCK: A bit difficult to describe, actually. Round fortyish (3) and a little bit heavy-going (4) perhaps. Got his head screwed on the right way, (5) though.
MR. HOPKINSON: That was my impression too, actually.
MR. STOCK: Anyway, to get back to this delivery job, is there anything in particular that's holding us up? Haven't we got all the things we want on hand? (6)
MR. HOPKINSON: No, it isn't that so much. We're a bit short-handed7 on the packing side,8 you see. They've all been working like the clappers (9) on this French job, and haven't got round to (10) this other lot yet.
MR. STOCK: Let's see. It's Friday tomorrow, isn't it? That makes it a bit tricky. (11)
MR. HOPKINSON: Look, I've been thinking. What about offering the boys in dispatch a spot of (12) overtime over the weekend? We can bung (13) the whole lot into one lorry and get it straight off to Hull. Should be on the quayside by Monday morning.
MR. STOCK: Yes, of course that's the answer. Should've thought of that before. Well, that's that one solved then. Better be getting back, I suppose. Will you tell Fred, or shall I?
MR. HOPKINSON: Well, I'm seeing him this afternoon in any case so I'll see to it, if you like, Peter.
MR. STOCK: Would you? That's splendid. Look, I must push off now. I'm seeing that chap from Benson's at two-thirty.
MR. HOPKINSON: Yes, don't you worry. I'll see that's all laid on...(14) Bye.

  1. What with that and this big French order - Это, да еще тот крупный французский заказ
  2. up to my ears in it - overloaded with work
  3. round fortyish - around forty years old
  4. a little bit heavy-going - rather too serious or pompous
  5. got his head screwed on the right way - clever, intelligent
  6. on hand - available
  7. a bit short-handed - short of staff/workers
  8. on the packing side - in the packing department
  9. like the clappers - very quickly
  10. haven't got round to - haven't managed to do/begin
  11. a bit tricky - rather difficult
  12. a spot of - a little
  13. bung - put, throw
  14. all laid on - all arranged

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