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Additional Telephone Conversations
Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

A Persuasion Which Failed

HARRY: Hullo - 5289.
CYNTHIA: Is that Harry?
HARRY: Yes - who's that?
CYNTHIA: Oh, Harry. It's me, Cynthia.
HARRY: Cynthia? Cynthia! Oh yes. How are you?
CYNTHIA: I'm fine. And you and Barbara?
HARRY: Oh, we're both well.
CYNTHIA: Oh, that's good. Look, I'm ringing to ask you a small favour. I hope you don't mind.
HARRY: No. No, of course not. Anything I can do, within reason, (1)
CYNTHIA: Well, the thing is that - you know Shirley?
HARRY: Shirley? I don't think so.
CYNTHIA: You know, she's the girl I work with. I think you met her.
HARRY: Did I? When?
CYNTHIA: She's the one with red hair.
CYNTHIA: Anyway, I wondered - well - you see Shirley and I are giving a party. Of course we wondered if you and Barbara would like to come...
HARRY: Well, that's very nice of you, I'm sure.
CYNTHIA: We'd love to have you.
HARRY: We'd love to come.
CYNTHIA: Well, the point is, you see, that we wanted to invite a lot of interesting people.
HARRY: Oh yes
CYNTHIA: Yes - and well, you know our flat; it really isn't big enough. And we were wondering if there was just the smallest chance of having it at your place - just for the evening, you know.
HARRY: Well - we'd love to let you, of course. But just now it would be a little difficult.
CYNTHIA: Oh, no. It wouldn't be now. In about two weeks' time.
HARRY: Two weeks. Oh, I see. But - unfortunately - I think that would be even more difficult. You see, we're having part of the house redecorated, and in two weeks -
CYNTHIA: I suppose it wouldn't be possible to use the rooms that aren't being decorated?
HARRY: Well, you know what it's like, Cynthia, when you've got the decorators in; you don't quite know where you are if you see what I mean -
CYNTHIA: Yes - yes, of course. It is a pity. I don't know what we'll do.
HARRY: I'm sorry. We'd help if we could.
CYNTHIA: Well... Goodbye then, Harry.
HARRY: Goodbye, Cynthia.

  1. within reason - not beyond one's possibilities

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