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Additional Telephone Conversations
Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

Invitation to Lunch

DENTON: Jordache? That you?
RUDOLPH: Yes. Who's this?
DENTON: Denton, Professor Denton.
RUDOLPH: Oh, how are you, sir?
DENTON: I hate to bother you. But can I see you sometime today?
RUDOLPH: Of course. I'm in the store all day.
DENTON: I'd prefer it if we could meet somewhere besides the store. Are you free for lunch?
RUDOLPH: I just take forty-five minutes...
DENTON: That's all right. We'll make it some place near you. How about Rip-ley's? That's just around the corner from you, isn't it?
RUDOLPH: Yes. Is twelve-fifteen all right?
DENTON: I'll be there, Jordache. Thank you, thank you. It's most kind of you. Until twelve-fifteen, then. I can't tell you how I appreciate... (He seemed to hang up in the middle of his last sentence.)

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