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Телефонный разговорник

Informal and Formal Telephone Conversations
Неофициальные и официальные телефонные разговоры

Making Appointments
Договоренность о деловой встрече

MR. ZONOV: Hello. Is this Mr. Summerset? This is Mr. Zonov speaking.
MR. SUMMERSET: Hello. How are you?
MR. ZONOV: Fine, thanks. Pretty busy. How are you, Mr. Summerset?
MR. SUMMERSET: O.K. I can't complain.
MR. ZONOV: Glad to hear that. There is something I'd like to talk to you about. Can we meet early next week?
MR. SUMMERSET: Sure, with pleasure.
MR. ZONOV: Could you come in my office, say, on Monday afternoon?
MR. SUMMERSET: Let me consult my schedule. Yes, I guess it'll be all right. What time do you suggest?
MR. ZONOV: Suppose we make it 3.30. AVill it suit you?
MR. SUMMERSET: Yes, that's fine.

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