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The Russian Commodity Exchange (The RCE)

Commodity exchanges or Stock exchanges function in the developed countries all over the world. The Russian Commodity Exchange was founded ten years ago by an agreement signed by 28 organisations. No difficulty was involved, because commercial interests know no national borders.

Here is a telephone dialogue between the RCE Deputy Executive and his American colleague.

MR. ALLEN: How is the RCE functioning?
MR. BORISOV: In a normal economy, deals are concluded at an exchange where a broker finds partner for his clients. This is a usual practice all over the world. Our country is now trying to return to this normal way of conducting business.
MR. ALLEN: What can one buy from your Exchange?
MR. BORISOV: Oh, the choice of commodities is very great. For example, you can buy polished marble tiles and video recorders, aluminum ingots, timber, and Lada cars, and quite a lot of other goods.
MR. ALLEN: How are the brokers found for the RCE?
MR. BORISOV: In fact, recruitment is done almost from the street. The selection principle is simple: if you could do the job, it is yours. They undergo a certain training, of course. Recruits are taught brokerage.
MR. ALLEN: How many of them?
MR. BORISOV: At first there were 100 graduates, then 200 graduates, and now 500.
MR. ALLEN: How is the trading going on?
MR. BORISOV: Pretty well. Even during the first month of operations the overall cost of deals concluded was very high. The daily level now exceeds some billion roubles.
MR. ALLEN: Well-done, Mr. Borisov. I wish you further success. Unfortunately, we are leaving Moscow tomorrow, and I can't see you.
MR. BORISOV: See you next time then, Mr. Allen.
MR. ALLEN: It will be a pleasure. Thank you, and goodbye, Mr. Borisov.
MR. BORISOV: Goodbye, Mr. Allen.

Russia's Commodity Exchange (the RCE) - Российская биржа потребительсикх товаров
to found - создавать, основывать
to sign an agreement - подписывать соглашение
the New York Stock Exchange - Нью-Йорская фондовая биржа
to conclude a deal - заключать сделку
to conduct business - вести дела
Deputy Executive - заместитель председателя
the choice of commodities - выбор потребительских товаров
polished marble tiles - полированная мраморная плитка
to undergo training - проходить подготовку
to teach brokerage - обучать маклерству, брокеражу
graduate - выпускник
the overall cost of deals concluded - суммарный объем заключееных сделок
daily level - ежедневный уровень
to exceed - превосходить
well-done - хорoшо, отлично
to wish further success - пожелать дальнейшего успеха
aluminum ingots - алюминий в слитках
timber - лесоматериалы
broker - посредник, брокер
recruitment - комплектование
recruit - новичок; пополнение

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