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Bank References

In order to avoid commercial failures in dealings with their foreign clients some companies are applying to the banks for references about their customers' financial status.

MR. KRETOV: Good morning. This is Kretov of lNVICTA Cо.
SECRETARY: Good morning, Mr.Kretov. What can I do for you, sir?
MR. KRETOV: I'd like to speak to Mr. Benson, please.
SECRETARY: Hold on a moment, please. (After a pause.)

MR. BENSON: Hello, Kretov. I'm glad you phoned me.
MR. KRETOV: Hello, Benson. How are you?
MR. BENSON: Fine. Is there anything I can do for you this time?
MR. KRETOV: Yes, I have some difficulty in getting a bank reference. The matter is we are selling some goods to a Sudanese company and need assurances about this company's substance.
MR. BENSON: I understand your problem. You want to know the financial status of your client, don't you?
MR. KRETOV: Exactly. We've decided to supply goods to them on credit.
MR. BENSON: Did you write an enquiry to the bank?
MR. KRETOV: Yes, we did. But have not got any answer yet.
MR. BENSON: Wait, you'll get one. But I am not sure whether the answer will be positive.
MR. KRETOV: How come? We asked the bank to indicate whether this Sudanese company would be good for meeting invoices totalling ?300,600 over the next three months.
MR. BENSON: The bank can give you a positive or negative answer. They may say that the company would be good for the amount indicated or that they are unable to vouch for the information you require.
MR. KRETOV: Why is the bank not willing to give the required information, Benson?
MR. BENSON: Partly because the bank is not prepared to disclose confidential details about their client, and partly because they decline liability for the consequences of any action you may take based on their information.
MR. KRETOV: But we need this information to be sure that our Sudanese client is reliable.
MR. BENSON: Of course this information is valuable for you. In this case you may do better by asking your bank manager to have a word with his opposite number at the other bank.
MR. KRETOV: Thank you, Benson. You've been of great help to me.
MR. BENSON: You are welcome, Kretov. But remember, bank references are not a guarantee of payment.
MR. KRETOV: We will. Thank you again. Goodbye.
MR. BENSON: Goodbye.

bank reference - оценка банка
to avoid commercial failure - избегать коммерческих неудач
to need an assurance of substance - нуждаться в подтверждении благонадежности
to write an enquiry - посылать запрос
to meet invoices - оплачивать счета
the amount indicated - указанная сумма
to vouch for the information - поручаться за правильность информации
partly - частично
to disclose confidential details - раскрывать конфиденциальные подробности
to decline liability for the consequences - отказываться нести ответсвенность за последствия
to be reliable - быть надежным
bank manager - менеджер банка
an opposite number - лицо, занимающее такую же должность
a guarantee of payment - гарантия оплаты

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