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State Taxation of Private Business

State taxation means compulsory payments of taxes by individuals and companies to the state. Local and foreign private businessmen are complaining of too high taxes in this country.

MR. LARSON: Two-six-two; four-three; double-five. Roy Larson speaking.
MR. VESELOV: Good morning. Veselov is here. How are you, Mr. Larson?
MR. LARSON: I'm fine. Sorry, we could not continue our talk after the conference yesterday.
MR. VESELOV: Well, it was a pity, of course. Are you still interested in our private business, Mr. Larson?
MR. LARSON: Yes. I would like to know what other difficulties you have in your work.
MR. VESELOV: Oh, there are many. To begin with - we need premises for offices and hotel accommodation for our guests. The pay for both is very high.
MR. LARSON: Do you pay in roubles or in hard currency?
MR. VESELOV: The rent for premises is paid in roubles, hotel accommodation is paid in hard currency by the foreigners.
MR. LARSON: We experience the same difficulties in our country. The land rent is especially high.
MR. VESELOV: Another thing, the current taxation system paralyzes all investments in developing our private business.
MR. LARSON: Is there a profit ceiling in your country?
MR. VESELOV: Yes, there is a ceiling beyond which the state confiscates what is considered to be surplus profit.
MR. LARSON: Too bad. This measure limits your investment capability, doesn't it?
MR. VESELOV: Certainly it does. Furthermore, we have a very high per cent taxation rate.
MR. LARSON: But it means a waste of time to earn the profit.
MR. VESELOV: You are right. In such conditions one is not interested in getting profit at all.
MR. LARSON: As a businessman I understand that.
MR. VESELOV: We calculated that each rouble taken as a tax prevents the state from earning eight roubles by taxing the company. Unfortunately, it is in the best tradition of our financial system.
MR. LARSON: As we say, to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.
MR. VESELOV: You're absolutely right.
MR. LARSON: Thank you very much for an interesting talk, Mr. Veselov. See you at the next sitting of the conference. Goodbye.
MR. VESELOV: Goodbye.

state taxation -государтвенное налогообложение
premises - помещения
pay - плата, оплата
hard currency - твердая валюта
furthermore - кроме того, более того
taxation rate - размер налога
a waste of time - потеря времени
to earn the profit - получать прибыль
land rent - земельная рента
the current taxation system - существующая система налогообложения
to prevent the state from earning profit - не позволять государству прибыль
profit ceiling - потолок прибыли
surplus profit - сверхприбыль
to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs - зарезать гуся, который несет золотые яйца
investment capability - возможность инвестирования

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