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Tariffs and Customs Regulations

Tariffs are taxes on import regulated by the State customs services. Customs duties become one of a number of general sources of state revenue.

MR. BORODIN: Hello, Harry. This is Borodin.
MR. LANE: Good morning, Peter. How are you?
MR. BORODIN: I'm all right, thank you. Have you read a law "On Customs Tariffs" passed the other day by our government?
MR. LANE: Yes, I have. And I'm not very happy about it.
MR. BORODIN: Neither am I. But we need customs tariffs against foreign rivals.
MR. LANE: How will you do it?
MR. BORODIN: By adding to the price of imports and thus lowering our rivals' capacity. Do you think the law will be inoperative?
MR. LANE: You should build a sound market economy in the country first and only then pass this law.
MR. BORODIN: What about the British customs regulations?
MR. LANE: I think they are not so complicated as in your country. Of course, we have to inform the British customs authorities about all import-export shipments.
MR. BORODIN: Both for Eastern and Western Europe?
MR. LANE: No. To export to Eastern Europe you have to apply for an import licence, but you don't need one for European Economic Community countries.
MR. BORODIN: You said something about the simplicity of customs regulations in Great Britain. What system of measurement is accepted in your country?
MR. LANE: If you are sending something to an EEC country the weight of the goods must be given in metric measurement, in other words in kilogram's or metric tones.
MR. BORODIN: And in case of an Eastern European country?
MR. LANE: For deliveries to Eastern European countries you can use British or metric measures.
MR. BORODIN: What language must be used in shipping documents?
MR. LANE: English is an official language of the EEC, so you don't have to translate documents intended for those countries.
MR. BORODIN: And if the shipment is made to Eastern Europe?
MR. LANE: Unfortunately, Eastern European countries require a translation into the local language.
MR. BORODIN: Thank you, Harry. Now I know almost everything about customs regulations.
MR. LANE: You're welcome.
MR. BORODIN: Goodbye.
MR. LANE: Goodbye, hope to see you soon, Peter.

a law "On Customs Tariffs" - закон о таможенных пошлинах
to pass a law - принимать закон
rival - конкурент
rival's capacity - потенциал конкурента
sound economy -здоровая экономика
to be inoperative - быть неэффективным, недействительным
customs regulations - таможенные инструкции, правила
to apply for a license - обращаться за лицензией
system of measurement - система мер
weight - вес
the European Economic Community (the EEC) - Европейское Экономическое сообщество
in case of - в случае
deliveries - поставки
shipping document - отгрузочный документ
official language - официальный язык
to be complicated - быть сложным
import-export shipments - импортно-экспортные перевозки
local language - местный язык
to translate - переводить (с одного языка на другой)
to require - требовать
simplicity - несложность

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