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Congratulations on Marriage

MR. CANDLIN: Three-four-one; seven-one-double eight.
MR. AZAROV: Hello, Philip, Azarov here.
MR. CANDLIN: Oh, Victor, good morning.
MR. AZAROV: I was delighted to hear of your marriage, Philip. Please accept my most sincere and hearty congratulations. I wish I could have been at your wedding but I have only just come from Moscow.
MR. CANDLIN: Thank you very much. I was so sorry you couldn't come.
MR. AZAROV: It's really good that you decided to get married at last and I do wish you and Mary the very best of luck and many years in which to enjoy it.
MR. CANDLIN: Thank you for your kind wishes.
MR. AZAROV: Goodbye.

marriage - женитьба, замужество
sincere congratulations - искренние поздравления
wedding - свадьба
to get married - жениться выходить замуж
best of luck - наилучшие пожелания

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