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Congratulations on Birth of Son

MR. PETROV: Good afternoon, Jack.
MR. HAILEY: Good afternoon, Nick.
MR. PETROV: Congratulations on the arrival of your son. My wife and I were delighted to hear the good news and especially to know that Jenny and your son are both well.
MR. HAILEY: Thank you very much, Nick. You can't imagine how happy I am.
MR. PETROV: You are sure to make a wonderful father, but don't get too excited about it.
MR. HAILEY: I can't help it. I'm brimming over with joy and happiness. You know how it feels to become a father.
MR. PETROV: Congratulations again, and please give them to Jenny when you see her, from both of us. Goodbye.
MR. HAILEY: Thanks, Nick. Bye.

the arrival of your son - рождение вашего сына
to imagine - представлять себе
excited - радостный взволнованный
I can't help it. - Я ничего не могу поделать с собой
I'm brimming over with joy and happiness. - Я преисполнен радости и счастья

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