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Talks Among Diplomats
Разговоры на дипломатические темы

A Visit of Diplomats

The Protocol Department arranged 3 visit of diplomats accredited at Moscow to the Cardiological Centre of the Ministry of Public Health. Here is a talk between a Russian official and an Australian diplomat concerning the details of the visit.

MR. WARD: Good morning. This is Ward of the Australian Embassy speaking.
MR. ORLOV: Good morning, Mr. Ward. Orlov speaking. Can I be of any help to you?
MR. WARD: I am calling to confirm our visit to the Moscow Cardiological Centre. Any changes in the schedule of the visit, Mr. Orlov?
MR. ORLOV: No changes so far. The visit is arranged for the heads of staff and other members of foreign missions and embassies in Moscow.
MR. WARD: The date and time remain as mentioned in the memo?
MR. ORLOV: Yes, next Tuesday, 11 a.m.
MR. WARD: Thank you. Are we supposed to go to the Cardiological Centre on our own?
MR. ORLOV: No, Mr. Ward, we invite you to come to the Foreign Ministry first, and then we'll proceed to the Centre in buses.
MR. WARD: That's a good idea. Any chance of seeing you, Mr. Orlov, at the Ministry?
MR. ORLOV: Of course, I'll be accompanying you to the Cardiological Centre.
MR. WARD: Fine. See you next Tuesday, then. Goodbye.
MR. ORLOV: Goodbye, Mr. Ward.

to call to confirm - звонить по телефону
to arrange a visit -организовать посещение
proceed -зд. продолжить путь

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