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At the Cardiological Centre

GENERAL DIRECTOR OF THE CENTRE: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. You are welcome to our institution.
GUEST: As guests or as patients?
DIRECTOR: As guests, of course.
FIRST SECRETARY OF THE US EMBASSY: Will you kindly tell us a few words about your celebrated establishment, sir?
DIRECTOR: The Centre was constructed in 1975 with money raised by the people through their voluntary work.
SECOND SECRETARY OF THE MEXICAN EMBASSY: Without any subsidies from the Government?
DIRECTOR: No subsidies from the Government. The Centre comprises three institutes of Clinical Cardiology, the Experimental Cardiology and the Institute of Heart Disease Prevention.
INDIAN AMBASSADOR: We presume that the medical personnel is staffed with experienced scientists?
DIRECTOR: Not only. A quarter of the Centre's scientific staff of 500 are young researchers.
FIRST SECRETARY OF THE ECUADORIAN EMBASSY: All equipment and medicines you are using here is of Russian manufacture?
DIRECTOR: Not necessarily. We have scientific exchange agreements with a number of foreign countries and they supply us with some of their advanced equipment.
COUNSELLOR OF THE CHINESE EMBASSY: Cardiovascular diseases are known to affect people of all ages, especially the elderly. Do you work out recommendations for the people of this group?
DIRECTOR: Yes, we study the causes and focus the attention on heart disease prevention.
AMBASSADOR OF NIGERIA: Do you share your rich experience in this field with the less developed countries?
DIRECTOR: Yes, we do. Apart from the theoretical aspect of research and the results of the experiments which are open to any state, we helped in equipment of hospitals in some countries.
DIRECTOR: In Ethiopia, Angola, India, to mention only a few.
AMBASSADOR OF MADAGASCAR: I think that the Cardiological Centre is a spectacular example of the great achievements of Russian medicine.
FIRST SECRETARY OF THE US EMBASSY: Somebody asked at the beginning of our visit whether you, sir, welcome us here as your guests or patients. I for one don't mind if I ever have a heart attack to be admitted to your Centre as a patient.
DIRECTOR: I am sure you won't have it.
AMBASSADOR OF BULGARIA: Allow me, sir, on behalf of the diplomatic corps and on my own behalf to express genuine satisfaction with the results of our visit to the Centre. We wish the staff of the Centre further success for the benefit of mankind. Thank you.
DIRECTOR: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. The pleasure is ours. Goodbye.
GUESTS: Goodbye.

money is raised - деньги собраны
voluntary work - добровольный труд
cardiovascular diseases - сердечно-сосудистые заболевания
to share rich (positive) experience - делиться богатым (положительным) опытом
a spectacular example - наглядный пример
genuine satisfaction - искреннее удовлетворение
disease prevention - предупреждение

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