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The U.N. Technical Assistance

MR. ROSS: Could I speak to Mr. Frolov, please?
MR. FROLOV: Speaking.
MR. ROSS: Good morning, Mr. Frolov. This is Ross. I work with the UN in the Development Programme.
MR. FROLOV: That's my field, too.
MR. ROSS: That's why I am calling you, Mr. Frolov.
MR. FROLOV: Is there anything I can do for you?
MR. ROSS: I read your articles on technical assistance and find them excellent.
MR. FROLOV: They may seem a little obsolete, I am afraid. I wrote them some years ago.
MR. ROSS: Well, the figures may be obsolete, but the general approach and the method of research are up-to-date. What is most interesting is the analysis of the economy you gave in your last article.
MR. FROLOV: That is the article on the economic development of some East African countries, isn't it? Are you an economist, Mr. Ross?
MR. ROSS: Yes, I am. My field is the influence of the UN technical assistance upon the economic development of East African countries.
MR. FROLOV: That is a very interesting but little known field. In what way, Mr. Ross, do you think, I can help you?
MR. ROSS: Mr. Frolov, you are a specialist on the economic situation in Eastern Africa. Could you recommend me any literature on the subject?
MR. FROLOV: Certainly, I can send you the bibliography on the problem.
MR. ROSS: Will you send it to my UN address, please?
MR. FROLOV: I will. Goodbye, Mr. Ross.
MR. ROSS: Thank you very much. Goodbye.

development - развитие
influence - влияние
the Development Programme - Программа развития (экономики)
the UN technical assist - техническая помощь, оказываемая ООН
excellent - отличный
obsolete - устаревший

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