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Discussing a Draft Resolution

MR. BRENN: Could I speak to Mr Shilov, please?
SECRETARY: Who's calling, please?
MR. BRENN: This is Tom Brenn of the Conference Department, United Nations.
SECRETARY: Wait a second, Mr. Brenn. Here is Mr. Shilov.
MR. SHILOV: Hello, Mr. Brenn. Has the Conference finished its work? I'm sorry I had to leave due to an urgent matter here in the Mission.
MR. BRENN: That's all right, Mr. Shilov. The Conference has adjourned till next Tuesday. The Chairman has asked you and me to prepare a draft resolution.
MR. SHILOV: Has anyone else been included in the draft resolution group?
MR. BRENN: Only two of us, and a secretary.
MR. SHILOV: I must say Mr. Ovenov is an excellent chairman. I like the way he conducted the proceedings. He gave everyone a chance to speak and kept the discussion to the point.
MR. BRENN: It's a pity you left. At the end he gave a very good summary of the first day's work of the Conference.
MR. SHILOV: I hope that all the participants of the Conference will make an effective contribution to the subject under consideration. See you tomorrow then.
MR. BRENN: Yes, 10 o'clock in the morning, at the Conference Hall. Goodbye, Mr. Shilov.
MR. SHILOV: Goodbye, Mr. Brenn.

urgent matter - срочный вопрос
draft resolution - проект резолюции
to adjourn a meeting - переносить заседание
to conduct the proceedings - председательствовать
summary - выводы, итоги

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