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A Narrow Circle of Diplomats

MR. REID: Hello, can I speak to Mr. Petrov, please?
SECRETARY: Who's calling, please?
MR. REID: This is Reid of the Foreign Office.
SECRETARY: Which Petrov would you like to talk to, Mr. Reid? We have two Petrovs here - councillor Arcady Petrov and attache Leonid Petrov.
MR. REID: Councillor Petrov, please.
SECRETARY: Mr. Petrov is on the phone.
MR. PETROV: Hello, Mr. Reid. I am glad you called me.
MR. REID: How are you, Mr. Petrov? I hope you are not too busy with the preparations for this forthcoming conference of ours?
MR. PETROV: I am fine, thank you. I have an appointment with you, you remember, to discuss the draft resolution of the conference.
MR. REID: Of course, I do. It is this Friday, at 3 p.m. Did the Chairman of the Committee send you the draft?
MR. PETROV: Yes, he did, and his personal letter, too. He's insisting on discussing the draft resolution by a narrow circle of diplomats first. I don't know what he means mentioning "a narrow circle of diplomats".
MR. REID: Our delegation also received his personal letter, and, as a matter of fact, it surprised us a little. I wish he would tell us more explicitly what this "narrow circle of diplomats" will be dealing with.
MR. PETROV: You don't mind, Mr. Reid, if we discuss this problem along with the other questions this Friday, do you?
MR. REID: No, I don't. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. Goodbye.
MR. PETROV: Goodbye, Mr. Reid.

councillor - советник
a narrow circle of diplomats - узкий круг дипломатов
forthcoming conference - предстоящая конференция

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