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A Special Mission

MR. JONES: Hello, Mr. Sedov. What have you been up to since I saw you last?
MR. SEDOV: Not much, I am afraid, Mr. Jones. Just the usual routine work here in the Department of Technical Assistance. And how are you?
MR. JONES: I'm fine, thank you. I've heard from Sergeev that you are going to leave for Yugoslavia soon. Is that right?
MR. SEDOV: Yes, it is. A group of engineers and technical advisers from the Department is supposed to visit that country.
MR. JONES: On any particular mission?
MR. SEDOV: Yes, the Yugoslavs invited us to help them with the construction of modern highways.
MR. JONES: Then they may be in need of the great cranes and bulldozers our firm is producing.
MR. SEDOV: Most probably. You should get in touch with the Assistant Director of the Department, and ask him for information and advice, Mr. Jones.
MR. JONES: What's his name?
MR. SEDOV: Mr. Souram of India.
MR. JONES: Do you have his telephone number?
MR. SEDOV: Jot it down - 377-01-09.
MR. JONES: Thank you. When are you leaving for Yugoslavia?
MR. SEDOV: Next Monday. You'd better get in touch with Mr. Souram as soon as possible.

particular mission - специальная командировка
adviser - советник
advice - совет
to jot - записывать

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