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Vera Cannot Keep Her Appointment

VERA: Hello, Jim. This is Vera speaking.
JIM: Hello, Vera. How are you?
VERA: I'm ringing you up to say that I won't be able to have lunch with you this Wednesday.
JIM: What's wrong, Vera?
VERA: I've got a cold, but rather a bad one. I'm staying at home.
JIM: Are you running a temperature?
VERA: Not actually. But I'm sneezing and coughing terribly.
JIM: That's bad. Coughs and sneezes spread diseases, they say. You'd better stay in bed, and keep away from your people.
VERA: That's exactly what I'm doing, Jim. Sorry not to be able to keep our appointment.
JIM: That's all right. What medicine are you taking?
VERA: Our traditional Russian medicine - hot milk with honey.
JIM: Very interesting. Does it help?
VERA: Yes, it does. I think I'm a bit better even now.
JIM: I'm sure you'll be well in a couple of days.
VERA: I hope so. I'll give you a ring as soon as I get up. Goodbye.
JIM: Goodbye, Vera.

to keep an appointment -прийти на встречу
to run a temperature -иметь повышенную температуру
honey - мед
coughs and sneezes spread diseases, they say - говорят, что кашель и чихание распространяют болезни
you'll better stay in bed - тебе бы лучше отлежаться в постели
in a couple of days - через пару дней

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