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Invitation to a Ballet

MR. HOPKINS: Hopkins speaking. Good afternoon.
MR. ZOTOV: Good afternoon. Zotov here. I'm so glad I got through at last. I tried to get you on the phone yesterday but you were out.
MR. HOPKINS: Yes, I was away from London and returned this morning.
MR. ZOTOV: I know you are a ballet admirer. I'd like to invite you to Covent Garden. I guess you know the Bolshoi ballet is now in London and tomorrow they are performing "Spartacus".
MR. HOPKINS: Thank you very much. It's very kind of you. I'll gladly accept your invitation to see the fabulous Bolshoi ballet which commands the love and admiration of audiences all over the world.
MR. ZOTOV: Good. Incidentally, the performance starts at 7.30 and runs three hours. Would you like me to call for you?
MR. HOPKINS: No, thank you. Don't bother. I'll get there on my own.
MR. ZOTOV: Then I'll be waiting for you at 7.15 outside the theatre. Goodbye.
MR. HOPKINS: Thanks a lot. Goodbye.

ballet admirer - балетоман
fabulous - зд. прекрасный
to accept - принимать
to command - вызывать
incidentally - между прочим

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