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Informal and Formal Telephone Conversations
Неофициальные и официальные телефонные разговоры

Предварительные заказы по телефону

A Hotel Reservation

RECEPTIONIST: Reception desk. Tavistock Hotel. Good morning.
MR. SEROV: Good morning. This is Intourist. We'd like to make a reservation for Mr. Kozlov.
RECEPTIONIST: Could you spell the name, please?
MR. SEROV: Yes, certainly. K-o-z-l-o-v.
RECEPTIONIST: Thank you. What accommodation do you require?
MR. SEROV: A single room for three nights from the 7th of October.
RECEPTIONIST: Would you hold on a moment, please, I'll see whether we have the accommodation available.
MR. SEROV: Thank you.
RECEPTIONIST: Yes, I can reserve a single room with bath, from the 7th of October, for three nights. It's an inside room on the fifth floor.
MR. SEROV: Would you please see that it's a quiet room?
RECEPTIONIST: We will try.
MR. SEROV: Thank you. What will the charge be?
RECEPTIONIST: $45 daily, plus 12% service charge, inclusive of breakfast. Would you please confirm this reservation in writing?
MR. SEROV: Yes, I'll write you today.
RECEPTIONIST: Thank you. Goodbye.
MR. SEROV: Goodbye.

I'll see whether we have the accommodation available - я проверю, есть ли у нас такой номер
inclusive of breakfast - включая завтрак
to confirm the reservation - подтвержать заказ

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