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Informal and Formal Telephone Conversations
Неофициальные и официальные телефонные разговоры

Предварительные заказы по телефону

Booking a Plane Reservation

CLERK: BEA. Good morning.
MR. BARDIN: Good morning. My name is Bardin. I'd like to book a seat on the plane to Rome for Monday, the tenth.
CLERK: Yes, sir. Do you want to travel economy class or first class?
MR. BARDIN: I'd like first class.
CLERK: I'll check the timetable for you. Will you hold on, please? There is a flight leaving Heathrow at 11.55 on Monday and arriving in Rome at 13.30. It flies nonstop.
MR. BARDIN: That suits me. What time do I have to get to the airport?
CLERK: You'll have to be at West London Air Terminal by 10.20 at the latest. The coach leaves for the airport at 10.30. But if you are going to the airport on your own you must be there before 11.30 and you can pick up your ticket at the airport booking-office.
MR. BARDIN: Thank you. Goodbye.
CLERK: Goodbye.

BEA: British European Airways - Британская европейская авиатранспортная компания
coach - автобус
economy class - second сlass (эконом-класс)
Heathrow - Хитроу, аэропорт в Лондоне
non-stop flight - беспосадочный перелет
West London Air Terminal - central passenger station that serves as a junction with other lines

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