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What One Should Know About Telephone Calls
Что следует знать о телефонных переговорах


Trunk-calls can be as follows:

  1. ADC calls. ADC, which stands for "Advise duration and charge", means that when the call is finished the operator rings you back to tell you how long the call was and how much it cost.

  2. Personal calls. They are made to a particular person. A fixed charge is made for the service, but you do not pay for the time taken to find the person. If he is not there, the call is repeated again later without charge.

  3. Station-to-station calls. They are put through the number you give.

  4. Collect calls. They are paid for by the person receiving the call rather than the caller

  5. Government calls. They are usually put through with a minimum delay. Only government offices, embassies and trade missions are entitled to book such calls.

The charge for a trunk-call is based on the duration of the call and the distance.

trunk-call via operator - междугородний телефонный вызов через телефонистку
station-to-station call - разговор по телефону, заказанный на номер абонента
collect call - разговор по телефону, заказанный за счет вызываемого
caller - лицо, которое звонит по телефону
government call - правительственный телефонный разговор
minimum delay - минимальная задержка
to book a trunk-call - заказывать междугородний разговор
to indicate - указывать
duration of a call - продолжительность разговора
to advise duration and charge - указывать продолжительность разговора и его стоимость
personal call - разговор по телефону, заказанный на определенное лицо
charge - палата, цена
fixed charge - установленная цена
embassy - посольство
trade mission - торговая миссия, представительство
to be entitled - иметь право
distance - расстояние

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