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What One Should Know About Telephone Calls
Что следует знать о телефонных переговорах

Using a Telephone Directory

Using a telephone directory is a simple procedure for those who live in small towns. Because in larger cities the use of a large directory is somewhat, more difficult, knowing the organisation of a city directory may prove helpful.

The following information may be obtained on the front page of most alphabetical directories:

  • Number of the fire department, police, or ambulance.

  • Business office of the telephone company.

  • Telephone repair service.

  • Assistance, for help, in making a call.

  • Information, to obtain numbers not in the directory.

  • Long distance, to make a long-distance call.

Most directories contain space on the first page in which to write numbers that you call frequently. On the second and third pages you usually find a description of the many services offered by the telephone company, as well as other helpful information such as Speaking Clock, Weather Forecast, Motoring Information Service (for weather and traffic conditions on the roads). The main section of the alphabetical directory is the part that you use most frequently.

The most comprehensive Russian directories published and regularly updated in Moscow are "Moscow Telephone and Address Directory of Organizations, Offices and Enterprises", and Moscow "Golden Guide". They contain in alphabetical order more than 1000 pages of the names of numerous capital's banks, offices, firms and companies, and their addresses, faxes and telephone numbers.

alphabetical telephone directory - алфавитный телефонный справочник, телефонная книга
fire department - пожарная команда
police - полиция
ambulance - скорая помощь
simple procedure - простая процедура
telephone repair service - бюро ремонта телефона
to obtain information - получать информацию
assistance - помощь
long-distance service - служба дальней связи (муждугородная или международная связь)
to contain space - отводить место
frequently - часто
description - описание
helpful information - полезная информация
Weather Forecast - прогноз погоды
Motoring Information Service - служба информации для водителей
traffic conditions - обстановка на дорогах
main section - главный раздел
comprehensive - всеобъемлющий, полный
Speaking Clock - служба времени по телефону
updated - современный, обновленный

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