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Телефонный разговорник

Informal and Formal Telephone Conversations
Неофициальные и официальные телефонные разговоры

Small Talk
Обмен мнениями

Between Us, the Girls...

KATE: Hello, Sue.
SUE: Hello, Kate.
KATE: You know, I didn't see Terry at the dance on Friday. Was he there?
SUE: No, he didn't go. One of his friends at the office was having a party. But I don't care. I had a super weekend.
KATE: Why? What did you do? Come on, Sue. What's the secret?
SUE: OK, Kate. Promise you won't tell anyone. I met the most wonderful boy in the world.
KATE: Steady on, Sue. It's not like you to get excited. Who is this wonderful guy?
SUE: He's a real TDH - tall, dark and handsome. I've seen him again since then.
KATE: How? Did he ask you out?
SUE: No, it was on Saturday morning. I had just got off the bus, and I saw him.
KATE: What was he doing?
SUE: He was not doing anything, really. We said hello and then we went for a cup of coffee. He asked me to go to the pictures on Sunday.
KATE: And you?
SUE: Of course I said yes.
KATE: I'm glad for you, Sue. Will you introduce me to your TDH?
SUE: Not now, Kate.
KATE: OK, one day later, then. Good luck, Sue.
SUE: Buy-buy, Kate.

super weekend - замечательный уикэнд
to introduce smb to smb - познакомить кого-л. с кем-л.
guy - парень
Good luck! - Желаю успеха!
to ask smb out - пригласить кого-либо пойти куда-либо
to promise - обещать

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