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Телефонный разговорник

Informal and Formal Telephone Conversations
Неофициальные и официальные телефонные разговоры

Small Talk
Обмен мнениями

Asking After Health

MR. BUTOV: Hello. May I speak to Mr. Frost, please?
SECRETARY: Just a moment. Mr. Frost, it's for you.
MR. FROST: Hello, who's speaking?
MR. BUTOV: This is Mr. Butov.
MR. FROST: Good afternoon, Mr. Butov. I haven't heard from you since October.
MR. BUTOV: I had flu for a couple of weeks, but I'm fine now.
MR. FROST: I'm glad to hear that. We did have a spell of bad weather.
MR. BUTOV: By the way, did you hear what happened to Fred Jackson?
MR. FROST: No, what about him?
MR. BUTOV: He has had such a bad case in the flu that they've taken him to the hospital.
MR. FROST: I am sorry to hear that. Poor fellow, he won't be able to attend your Chiefs birthday party.
MR. BUTOV: I'm afraid not. And what about you? Will you be coming?
MR. FROST: I hope I will, unless I myself get ill.
MR. BUTOV: Good. See you on Tuesday, and you'll tell me about the party. Goodbye.
MR. FROST: Goodbye.

a bad case of flu - сильная простуда
unless I get ill - если я не заболею
to attend a birthday party - прийти на день рождения

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