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Телефонный разговорник

Informal and Formal Telephone Conversations
Неофициальные и официальные телефонные разговоры

Small Talk
Обмен мнениями

Talking of Sports

MR. SEROV: Mr. Budd? Good afternoon. This is Serov speaking.
MR. BUDD: Hello, Mr. Serov. Nice to hear you. How's everything?
MR. SEROV: Fine, thank you. You know, this Friday our Dynamo team is playing against your Red Sox.
MR. BUDD: Are they really? That's great! They are my favourite teams and I don't know who to root for.
MR. SEROV: I have two tickets. Would you like to watch the match?
MR. BUDD: Sure thing. This is the only chance, and I would not miss it. And what's your favourite sport?
MR. SEROV: It's hard to say. I like soccer all right, but I think I like tennis better.
MR. BUDD: Do you play much tennis?
MR. SEROV: Yes, quite a bit. How about a game sometime?
MR. BUDD: No, thanks. I am strictly a spectator.
MR. SEROV: So I'm sending you the tickets for the match and hope to see you on Tuesday.
MR. BUDD: Thank you, Mr. Serov. I'm looking forward to seeing you. Goodbye.
MR. SEROV: Goodbye.

to miss - пропустить
spectator - зритель
to root for - поддерживать, болеть (за команду)

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