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Rodents (грызуны)

Rodents are extremely popular pets all over the world. There are hundreds of types of rodents. I am going to talk about those rodents that are popular in Europe. First of all in pet-shops we can see white mice and rats. So what can I say about them? These animals are really rather clever and quick-minded. What I love about them is their activity. When provided with a large equipped animal case they become very frisky and playful. They are very funny. But what I do not like about them is their tail, which I find rather disgusting. Unfortunately rats and mice live only two years or three at the most. But as they multiply very quickly, one may not grieve too much over the death of a mouse. Still there are not so many people who prefer to keep mice or rats.

Hamsters are undoubtedly most popular among pet rodents. Hamsters are much prettier and funnier than rats. There are many kinds of hamsters. Though hamsters do not live any longer than rats and mice. We all know their passion for eating. When they start eating only the end of food supplies can make them stop this process. Hamsters often die from overeating. They eat all kind of food and even that food which is dangerously harmful to them. To me they are rather stupid, though funny. People buy hamsters to their children to teach them how to care for a living being. Cats and dogs can be rather difficult to look after, but hamsters are OK. Hamsters are quite easy to care for, so there is no need to worry that young children can do something bad to them. Besides hamsters can also multiply very quickly and one can easily forget about a diseased hamster, because they are all alike.

Guinea-pigs are also very frequently bought in pet shops. The motherland of these animals is the mountainous area in Peru. But people of Peru do not keep them as pets, they use guinea-pigs as the source of delicious meat! It may sound cruel, but in Peru people have been eating meat of guinea-pigs for centuries. The majority of national dishes are made of guinea-pigs meat. But guinea-pigs will not die out, because, like all rodents, they multiply extremely quickly. The Russian name for guinea-pigs suggests that the animal can swim very well. This is a big mistake! Guinea-pigs cannot swim at all!
Rodents do not need our company. They can play with each other all day long. And if you want to keep at home the most optimistic pet, then you should buy a rodent.

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