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Sports in England

The English enjoy doing sports. They have a proverb "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". What does it mean? Certainly, they do not think that play is more important than work; they mean to say that he will do his work better if he plays as well.

Among popular games are association football, cricket, golf, snooker, tennis.

Association football, or soccer, is one of the most popular games in the British Isles. It is played from late August until the beginning of May.

Cricket is played mostly in summer. When the English say "that's not the cricket", it means "that's not fair"; "to play the game" means "to be fair".

As far as golf is concerned, it is Scotland's chief contribution to British sport.

It is worth mentioning here an interesting feature of sporting life in Britain., namely, its close connection with social class of the players or spectators except where a game may be called "a national " sport.

This is cricket in England which is played and watched by all classes.

Golf is everywhere in the British Isles is a middle-class activity.

Soccer is naturally a working class sport.

Walking and swimming are equally undertaken by men and women.

Snooker (billiards), pool and darts are popular mostly among men.

Aerobics (keep-fit exercises), yoga, squash and cycling are among the sports where participation has been increasing in recent years.

There are several places in Britain associated with a particular kind of sport.

One of them is Wimbledon - a suburb to the South of London where All-England Lawn Tennis Championships have been held in July since 1877.The other one is Wimbley where international football matches, the Cup Finals have been taking place since 1923.

The third one is Derby, the most famous flat race in the English racing calendar.

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