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Sports in our life

Sports hold an important place in our life. When you listen to the radio early in the morning you can always find some information about this game or other. When you read a newspaper, you are sure to come across an article about your favourite kind of sport.

Especially interesting are the stories about famous men or women in the world of sport. Sometimes the way they became champions is so unpredictable that one can't keep being surprised.

TV programmes about sports are also very popular, and every day you can watch something interesting. There are sport addicts who can watch sport programmes for hours.

Sports help people to keep in good health. At the same time those who go in for sports try to get good results and to win victories in different competitions and it is not always good for their health.

National kinds of physical exercise, various games and sports, (such as football, biathlon, tennis, figure skating, skiing, hockey, volleyball) are very popular on the territory of our country. Biathlon has become extremely popular among Russian supporters lately. Our sportsmen have brought a lot of gold, silver and bronze medals this winter. Among well-known sportswomen in thus kind of sport are Pyleva, Akhatova, Bogalii and Zaitseva.

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