”словные придаточные предложени€

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“ест є1

¬ыберите верный вариант дл€ подстановки

  1. Tell me about your decision, when we ____ next time.
    will meet

  2. If the child wants, ____ him this toy!
    will buy

  3. We ____ about it for sure, when we ____ home.
    will know Е will return
    know Е will return
    will know Е return

  4. I need to think the matter over, in case he ____.
    will refuse

  5. Do your best or else you ____ with the group.
    wonТt catch up
    donТt catch up

  6. Mary ____ to us, unless Jack ____ .
    doesnТt speak Е will leave
    wonТt speak Е leaves
    doesnТt speak Е leaves

  7. If they ____ a taxi, they ____ the train.
    take ... wonТt miss
    will take ... donТt miss
    will take ... wonТt miss

  8. ____ the children listen to me, when they ____?
    do ... will grow up
    will ... grow up
    will ... will grow up

  9. If she ____ in time, we ____ late for the concert.
    WonТt come Е are
    DoesnТt come Е will be
    WonТt come Е will be

  10. Why donТt you ask her, when she ____ ?
    will come

  11. IТm sure we ____ back before it ____ dark .
    are Е gets
    will be Е will get
    will be Е gets

  12. I ____ the report today, if you ____ interrupting me.
    finish Е will stop
    will finish Е stop
    will finish Е will stop

  13. We ____ our lesson, when you ____ your seats.
    will start Е take
    start Е will take
    will start Е will take

  14. Should we wait here until they ____ us?
    will call

  15. I ____ you when I ____ ready.
    will tell Е will be
    tell Е will be
    will tell Е am

  16. LetТs do the flat before our parents ____.
    will return

  17. When the right time ____, I ____ you our family secret.
    will come Е will open
    comes Е will open
    will come Е will open

  18. She said that if he ____ the TV set, she ____ it out of the window at once.
    wouldnТt turn off Е would throw
    didnТt turn off Е would throw
    wouldnТt turn off Е would throw

  19. I asked him what ____, when they ____ the truth.
    would happen Е found out
    would happen Е would find out
    happened Е would find out.

  20. When the weather ____ fine, ____ all the windows. The child needs fresh air.
    will be Е will open
    will be Е open
    is Е open

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