”словные придаточные предложени€

“есты » √рамматические тесты » ”словные придаточные предложени€

“ест є2

¬ыберите правильный вариант Choose the correct variant

  1. If I _____ more money, I _____ to England to practice my English.
    had Е will go
    had Е would go
    had Е went

  2. If you _____ more attentive, you _____ so many mistakes in every test.
    are Е wouldn`t make
    were Е didn`t make
    were Е wouldn`t make

  3. What _____ you do if he _____ your son?
    will Е is
    will Е was
    would Е were
    would Е was

  4. If he _____ the exam, what _____ his mother say?
    doesnТt passЕ would
    didnТt pass Е will
    didnТt pass Е would

  5. Where _____ you fly, if you _____ a bird?
    will Е turn into
    would Е turned into
    would Е turn into

  6. If they _____ here, they _____ give us some valuable advice.
    were Е will
    were Е can
    were Е could

  7. You _____ win, if you _____ so much.
    mayЕ didnТt drink
    might Е donТt drink
    might Е didnТt drink

  8. _____ it Sunday, we _____ fishing.
    Were Е would go
    Was Е will go
    Were Е will go

  9. Who _____ this work, if she suddenly _____ ill?
    did Е would fall
    will do Е fell
    would do Е fell

  10. If the workers _____ their salaries, what _____ ?
    don`t get Е would happen
    didn`t get Е would happen
    didn`t get Е will happen

  11. We _____ glad, if only they _____ our offer.
    should be Е accept
    should be Е accepted
    shall be Е accepted

  12. If I ever _____ her a lie, she _____ forgive me.
    tell Е wouldn`t
    told Е wonТt
    told Е wouldn`t

  13. I _____ much safer, If you _____ the light at night.
    shall feel Е didn`t turn off
    should feel Е don`t turn off
    should feel Е didn`t turn off

  14. The girl _____ this dress, if it _____ a bit cheaper.
    would buy Е cost
    will buy Е cost
    would buy Е costed

  15. How _____ we live, if a war _____.
    will Е broke out
    would Е broke out
    would Е breaks out.

  16. _____ the children well-bred, they _____ in the presence of their teacher.
    Are Е wouldnТt shout
    Were Е wonТt shout
    Were Е wouldnТt shout

  17. If it _____ summer, we _____ so happy.
    were Е would be
    was Е was
    were Е were
    would be Е would be

  18. _____ you lend me 2000$, if I _____ you?
    Would Е ask
    Would Е asked
    Did Е asked

  19. _____ you mind opening the window?

  20. What _____ you be doing now, if you _____ your watch?
    Will Е lose
    Would Е lost
    Will Е lost

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