Subjunctive Mood / √лагол. —ослагательное наклонение

“есты » √рамматические тесты » Subjunctive Mood / √лагол. —ослагательное наклонение

“ест є2

  1. It is impossible that he _____ there alone.
    should have gone
    would have gone

  2. It was unlikely that it _____ .
    should rain
    would rain

  3. ItТs high time the children _____ to bed.
    should go
    should have gone

  4. ItТs a pity that he _____ so.
    should say

  5. I suggest _____ football tomorrow.
    to play
    that we should play

  6. I fear lest he _____ .
    didnТt come
    should come
    shouldn't come

  7. The boy feared lest he _____ mistakes in the last test.
    had made
    should have made
    should make

  8. They propose that the new law _____ in a week.
    should be discussed
    will be discussed

  9. The tourists were afraid that they _____ miss the train.

  10. The child was pale and mother feared lest he_____ cold.
    should have caught
    had caught

  11. ItТs time that you _____ me the book.

  12. Ann hasn't come yet. I am afraid that she _____ my address.
    might forget
    might have forgotten

  13. The children hurried home lest their mother _____ about them.
    should have worried
    should worry

  14. It seems fortunate that you _____ us there.
    should meet
    should have met

  15. LetТs go out right away lest we _____ late.
    should be late
    shouldn't be late
    shouldn't have been late

  16. The friends advised that she _____ it seriously.
    shouldn't have taken
    shouldn't take

  17. Put the books into your bag lest you _____ it.
    should have lost
    shouldn't lose
    should lose

  18. The teacher insisted that the pupils _____ their books.
    should close
    should have closed

  19. It is impossible that he _____ so careless.
    should be

  20. It was strange that the boy _____ his fatherТs passion for music.
    didn`t inherit
    shouldn't inherit
    shouldn't have inherited

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