Modal verb / Модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты

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Тест №2. Must / Have to / Be to

Choose a correct variant:

  1. Listen, you must _____ your parents about it immediately.
    to tell

  2. No, I ______ do it tomorrow.
    don’t must

  3. She must ______ it.
    to remember

  4. ______ study English every day?
    Do me must
    Must we

  5. I ______ get up early every morning.
    haven't to
    don’t have to

  6. She ______ look after her little sister.
    has to
    have to
    haves to

  7. Who ______ there first?
    musts go
    must goes
    must go
    must to go

  8. ______ finish this work today?
    Have we to
    Do we have to

  9. They mustn’t say such things, ______ ?
    must they
    do they

  10. People mustn’t ______ lessons of history.
    to forget

  11. The children ______ go to bed in time.
    is to
    are to

  12. Peter and Mike ______ work overtime this month.
    have to
    has to

  13. She ______ never let them hurt her feelings.

  14. I ______ see my doctor tomorrow.
    will must
    will must to

  15. He said that they ______ come at once.

  16. It ______ be late. Let’s go home.
    have to
    is to

  17. The workers have to stay here all day long, ______?
    haven't they
    don’t they

  18. Must I come here on weekends? – Yes, ______.
    you do
    you must

  19. He ______ see me in this situation.
    doesn’t must

  20. You ______ me with the task.
    must to help
    must help

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