The Past Continuous Tense / Глагол. Прошедшее продолженное время

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Тест №1 Past Continuous / Past Simple

Выберите правильный вариант ответа. Choose the correct variant:

  1. When I arrived, Tom (lie) on the sofa and (speak) over the phone.
    lied, spoke
    was liing, speaking
    was liing, was speaking
    was lying, was speaking

  2. The police caught Dan when he (rob) a shop.
    has robbed
    was robing
    was robbing

  3. He couldn’t speak because he (die) of laughtеr.
    had died
    were dying
    was dying
    was diing

  4. - What you (do) between one and two? I phoned you several times. - I (play) the piano and heard nothing.
    will you do, ’ll play
    are you doing, am playing
    were you doing, was playing
    was you doing, was playing

  5. When I got up that morning, the sun (shine) brightly and the birds (sing).
    shone, sang
    was shining, were singing
    were shining, was singing

  6. When you rang me yesterday, I (have) a bath.
    were having
    had had
    was having

  7. Somebody stole the money from Dad’s pocket while he (sleep).
    was sleeping
    were sleeping

  8. I (sit) by the window when I heard the noise.
    was sitting

  9. It (rain) cats and dogs as I (walk) towards their house.
    rained, was walking
    rained, walked
    were raining, was walking
    was raining, was walking

  10. Just as Tom (cross) the street, a car came round the corner.
    were crossing
    was crossing

  11. I glanced at Mary who (still/ shiver) from the cold.
    still was shivering
    were still shivering
    still shivered
    was still shivering

  12. At six o’clock I (wait) for Jennie at the station.
    am waiting
    will wait

  13. On coming up to the house I saw a man who (try) to unlock the door by force.
    was trying

  14. The student (reply) to the question when the headmistress came in.
    had replied
    was replying
    was repliing

  15. I saw a light in your window as I (pass) by.
    was passing
    had passed

  16. 16. Liz’s elder brother said that he (go) to enter Leeds University.
    will go
    would go
    was going

  17. While my son (wait) for my call, somebody knocked at the door.
    had waited
    was waiting

  18. We (just/talk) about him when he suddenly (come) in.
    were just talking, was coming
    just were talking, came
    were just talking, came

  19. They (quarrel) while they (wash) their car.
    quarreled, were washing
    were quarelling, were washing
    were quarreling, washed

  20. Yesterday while Dad (shave), he (cut) himself slightly.
    shaved, cut
    was shaving, cut
    was shaving, cutted

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