Глагол. The Present Perfect / Настоящее совершенное время

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Тест №1 Настоящее совершенное время/ Настоящее Совершенное Время

Выберите правильный вариант ответа. Choose the correct variant:

  1. 1. Since then I ______ my job several time.
    has changed
    have changed

  2. 2. “You ______ your hair”, he cried.
    have dyed

  3. Jane ______ suddenly that there was a letter attached to the painting.
    has found
    had found

  4. I ______ that point yet.
    haven’t considered
    didn’t consider
    not considered

  5. Mary isn’t at home. She ______ to work.
    has gone

  6. They ______ in construction business for 5 years.
    have been

  7. ______ you ever ______ the Queen of Great Britain?
    Have ... seen
    Did ... see

  8. He can’t find a job. He ______ unemployed for half a year.
    has been
    have been

  9. ______ you ever ______ to Africa?
    Have ... travelled
    Are ... travelled
    Did ... travel

  10. ______ you ______ about Miss Carol’ marriage?
    Did ... hear
    Have ... heard

  11. What ______ you ______ to find the way out?
    did ... do
    have ... done
    are ... do

  12. Nick and Sally ______ each other since their school years.
    have known

  13. His spirits ______ a little. He’s all right now.
    has revived
    have revived

  14. “______ anything ______ from the flat,” asked the policeman.
    Is ... disappeared
    Did ... disappear
    Has ... disappeared
    Have ... disappeared

  15. “I ______ the letter you asked about, sir,” said the butler.
    ‘ve brought
    ‘s brought

  16. ______ you ______ dinner already?
    Did ... have
    Were ... having
    Have ... had

  17. He ______ his driving test. He is so happy. He hasn’t been able to pass it for three years.
    has just passed
    have just passed
    just passed

  18. I ______ my keys. I can’t get in.
    Have lost
    have losed

  19. The taxi ______. Hurry up!
    have arrived
    has irrived

  20. ______ you ______ writing your book yet?
    Did ... finish
    Have ... finished

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