The Past Perfect Tense / Глагол. Прошедшее совершенное время

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Тест №1 The Past Simple Tense / The Past Perfect Tense

Выберите правильный вариант ответа. Choose the correct variant:

  1. Poirot ______ her if Mrs. Ascher ______ any peculiar letters without a proper signature.
    had asked, had received
    asked, received
    had asked, received
    asked, had received

  2. I thought that Mrs. Fowler ______ us everything.
    had told
    was told

  3. But Poirot said that she ______ more than she ______ us.
    was knowing
    had known

  4. The letter ______ just before I ______ back.
    came, arrived
    had come, arrived
    came, had arrived
    had come, had arrived

  5. Miss Higley said that Elizabeth ______ friendly in working hours, but the girls ______ much of her out of them.
    was, didn’t see
    had been, hadn’t seen
    had been, didn’t see
    was, hadn’t seen

  6. She said that Betty ______ anything about her plans and she ______ her in the café that evening.
    didn’t say, didn’t see
    hadn’t said, didn’t see
    didn’t say, hadn’t seen
    hadn’t said, hadn’t seen

  7. Hardly ______ she ______ these words when a beautiful young lady ______ in the room.
    did ... say, appeared
    had ... said, appeared
    did ... say, had appeared
    had ... said, had appeared

  8. I ______ that once he ______ a well-known specialist in his field.
    knew, had been
    knew, was
    had known, had been
    had known, was

  9. He ______ in the house he ______ for himself near the Devon coast.
    lived, built
    had lived, built
    had lived, had built
    lived, had built

  10. Susan ______ her parents the news only after she and Mike ______ married.
    had told, had got
    had told, got
    told, had got
    told, got

  11. The telephone on his table ______ and he ______ it up.
    had rung, had picked
    had rung, picked
    rang, had picked
    rang, picked

  12. He ______ the bill and ______.
    paid, left
    had paid, left
    had paid, had left
    paid, had left

  13. She ______ a stronger person now than she ______ a few months ago.
    had been, was
    was, had been

  14. She ______ on her coat and ______ for a walk.
    had put, went
    put, went
    put, had gone
    had put, had gone

  15. Hardly ______ raining when a rainbow ______ in the sky.
    had it stopped, appeared
    did it stop, appeared
    had it stopped, had appeared
    did it stop, had appeared

  16. I was late because I ______ in a jam.
    had stick
    had stuck

  17. We went out after it ______ raining.
    had been stopped
    had stopped

  18. I thanked him for what he ______ for me.
    had done

  19. The house he ______ was of a modern design.
    was built
    had built

  20. My mother was worried because I ______ in touch with her for a long time.
    haven’t been
    hadn’t been

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