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Upper-Intermediate или Advanced?

Выберите правильный вариант:

  1. Hardly _____ asleep _____ an alarm clock _____.
    have I gone, than, will ring
    had I gone, when, rang
    I had gone, then, had rung
    was I going, as, was ringing

  2. I am going to have my kitchen _____. It is necessary that every crack _____ covered.
    to repair, will be
    to be repaired, is
    repaired, should be
    being repaired, be

  3. The miles appeared _____ so long that the tourists sometimes thought they _____ the road.
    being, had to miss
    to have been, must miss
    to be, must have missed
    having been, were to miss

  4. I managed to come here at half past six. But I _____ because they _____.
    needn’t have hurried, had already left
    needn’t hurry, have already left
    wouldn’t have hurried, had already left
    shouldn’t hurry, have already left

  5. If you _____ the prescribed medicine, you _____ _____ now.
    took, would feel, much more well
    had taken, would feel, much better
    would take, would feel yourself, much better

  6. I don't feel like _____ this article today.
    to read and translate
    for reading and translating
    read and translate
    reading and translating

  7. _____ rich pay higher taxes?
    does the
    do the

  8. Would you mind _____, please?
    to open the window
    open the window
    opening the window
    to the window opening

  9. We are all looking forward _____ your friends.
    to seeing
    to see
    for seeing
    of seeing

  10. You _____ your seats beforehand if you want to go to Paris on Christmas.
    had better to book
    had better book
    had to better book
    had to book better

  11. You _____ me a postcard, but you didn't.
    could send
    could be sent
    could have sent
    could had sent

  12. I suggest _____ as soon as possible. I _____ before sunset.
    us to start, would rather to finish
    our starting, had rather finish
    us starting, would prefer to finish
    our starting, would rather finish

  13. There is no point _____ to him. He is _____ last man in the world _____ by such things.
    to speak, the, to trouble
    to speak, — , being troubled
    speaking, a, be troubled
    in speaking, the, to be troubled

  14. Did you remember _____ the parcel I gave you? – Yes, I remember _____ it a week ago.
    to post, posting
    to post, to post
    posting, to post
    posting, posting

  15. While our coffee _____, I _____ him my sad story which impressed him _____.
    was making, told, greatly
    was being made, said, great
    had been made, told, great
    was being made, told, greatly

  16. We were _____ go out when the telephone rang.
    on the point of
    about to

  17. The past flood is reported not _____ _____ damage to the crops.
    caused, many
    to have caused, much
    to cause, much
    having caused, many

  18. But for the rain we _____ for a walk long ago.
    have gone
    would have gone
    would be going

  19. How I wish we _____ then!
    didn’t meet
    hadn’t met
    wouldn’t meet
    wouldn’t have met

  20. Try to behave as if nothing _____.
    had happened
    was happened
    has happened

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