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Тест №3

Герундий или Инфинитив? Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

  1. You can’t stop me ... what I want.
    to do
    that I do

  2. I must go now. I promised ... late.
    not being
    not to be
    to not be

  3. Do you want ... with you or do you want to go alone?
    me coming
    me to come
    that I come
    that I will come

  4. I know I locked the door. I clearly remember ... it.
    to lock
    to have locked

  5. She tried to be serious, but she couldn’t help ... .
    to laugh
    that she laughed

  6. Paul lives in Berlin now. He likes ... there.
    to live

  7. It is not my favorite job, but I like ... the kitchen as often as possible.
    to clean
    that I clean

  8. I am tired. I’d rather ... out this evening, if you don’t mind.
    not going
    not to go
    don’t go
    not go

  9. ‘Shall I stay here?’ ‘I’d rather ... with us.’
    you come
    you to come
    you came
    you would come

  10. Are you looking forward ... on holiday?
    to go
    to going
    that you go

  11. When Lisa came to Britain, she had to get used ... on the left.
    to driving
    to drive

  12. I am thinking ... a house. Do you think that’s a good idea?
    to buy
    of to buy
    of buying

  13. I had no ... a place to live. In fact it was surprisingly easy.
    difficulty to find
    difficulty finding
    trouble to find

  14. A friend of mine phoned ... me to a party.
    for invite
    to invite
    for inviting
    for to invite

  15. Jim doesn’t speak very clearly. ...
    It is difficult to understand him.
    He is difficult to understand him.

  16. The path was icy, so we walked very carefully. We were afraid ... .
    of falling
    from falling
    to fall
    to falling

  17. I didn’t hear you ... in. You must have been very quiet.
    to come

  18. ... a hotel, we looked for somewhere to have dinner.
    After finding
    Having find
    We found

  19. She noticed ... away from the house.
    him to run
    him run
    him ran

  20. I’d advise ... more exercise.
    to take
    you to take
    you taking

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