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Тест №4 Фразовые глаголы (Phrasal verbs)

Вставьте вместо пропусков правильный вариант.
Choose the correct variant.

  1. He has to ______ the balloons for the party.
    blow out
    blow up
    fill in

  2. The teacher decided to ______ the exam until next week.
    put off
    leave out
    give out

  3. She wanted to ______ the clothes before buying them.
    keep on
    try on
    fill in

  4. The couple decided to ______ their problems instead of ending the relationship.
    hang up
    run off
    work out

  5. She needs to ______ her clothes at the dry cleaners.
    set up
    pick up
    put up

  6. The student had to ______ all night studying.
    hold on
    wake up
    stay up

  7. You should ______ the old product before opening a new one.
    pick up
    pick out
    use up

  8. Quit acting like a child. You need to ______.
    grow up
    work out
    build up

  9. He already spent one hour trying to ______ the math problem.
    put off
    figure out
    put on

  10. If it rains, we have to ______ the game.
    call off
    call up
    cut off

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