Future (going to do)

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Тест №1 Future (going to do)

Выберите правильный вариант ответа. Choose the correct variant:
Write sentences in going to future.

  1. We _____ take the bus.
    are not going
    are not going to
    is not going

  2. I _____ defend my point of view.
    am going to
    am going
    am go to

  3. _______ learn Irish?
    Is you going
    Are you going
    Are you going to

  4. He _____ get up early.
    is going to
    is going to
    is going to

  5. They ______ do their best.
    are not going to
    are going not to
    are not going

  6. _______ buy a computer?
    Is she going to
    She going to
    She is going

  7. He ____ phone his girlfriend.
    is going not to
    is not going
    is not going to

  8. ______ buy bread this afternoon?
    He is going to
    Is he going to
    He going

  9. They _____ wait in the park.
    going to
    are going
    are going to

  10. He _____ criticise you.
    is going to
    is going
    is go to

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