The Past Perfect Tense / Глагол. Прошедшее совершенное время

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Тест №3 Прошедшее совершенное время/ The Past Perfect Tense

Complete the sentences

  1. He showed us the place where _____ his leg.
    he hurt
    he have hurted
    he had hurt

  2. What _____ you opened the window?
    have you said before
    had you said before
    had you before said

  3. Yesterday I read an interesting article which my teacher _____ to me.
    had recommended
    had recomment

  4. I _____ a snake before that day.
    had not touched
    did not touched
    not had touch

  5. Andy won the match although he _____ squash before.
    had not playd
    had not played
    had not plaied

  6. _____ to you before he called us?
    Had he spoked
    Had he spoken
    He had spoken

  7. Jim _____ another car because he had not noticed the red traffic light.
    has crashed into
    had crashed into
    crashed into

  8. I worked on Saturday, so I _____ to the party the day before.
    had not gone
    not had gone
    had not went

  9. _____ your homework before you went to the cinema?
    Did you finished
    Had you finished
    You had finished

  10. _____ in that house before the Smiths bought it?
    Had lived
    Who had live
    Who had lived

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