Глагол. The Present Perfect / Настоящее совершенное время

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Тест №7 The Present Perfect Progressive

Choose the correct form in Present Perfect Progressive

  1. They _____ the problem since one o clock.
    have been discussing
    have being discuss
    have being discussed

  2. The candle _____ for two hours.
    has being burn
    has being burned
    has been burning

  3. ____ the secretary _____ out the documents?
    Has, being print
    Has, being printed
    Has. been printing

  4. The researcher _____ the territory since last December.
    has being explor
    has been exploring
    has being explored

  5. They have never been to Australia.
    How often have they been to Australia?
    Have they ever been to Australia?
    Often have they been to Australia?

  6. They _____ a new gadget.
    have being inventen
    have been inventing
    have been invented

  7. How long ____ the dog been _____ around?
    have, been running
    has, running
    has, been running

  8. Ben _____ that blue shirt since Friday.
    has being wear
    has been wearing
    has being wearing

  9. Lucy _____ on the task.
    has not been concentrating
    has being not concentrated
    has been not concentrated

  10. How long _____ at the door?
    you have been knocking
    have you being knocked
    have you been knocking

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