Глагол. The Present Perfect / Настоящее совершенное время

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Тест №8 The Present Perfect Progressive

Choose the correct form in Present Perfect Progressive

  1. Emma _____ English for five years.
    has learned
    has being learning
    has been learning

  2. My friends _____ here since 2003.
    have been living
    have being lived
    have lived

  3. I have been waiting for Danny _____.
    since 20 minutes
    for 20 minutes

  4. Ross and Gavin have been travelling around Australia _____.
    since six weeks
    for six weeks

  5. How long _____________ on the phone?
    they have been talking
    have they being talked
    have they been talking

  6. Carol _____ in the gym since 2 o clock.
    has been exercising
    has being exercised
    has been exercised

  7. How long ___ these books _____ on the floor?
    has, been lying
    have, being lyied
    have, been lying

  8. Paul _____ to the radio.
    has been not listening
    has not been listening
    has not being listen

  9. You _____ TV all day.
    have been watching
    have been watched
    have being watched

  10. The men ____________ cards.
    have being played
    have been playing
    have been plaied

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