First conditional

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Тест№2 First conditional

Выберите правильный вариант ответа. Choose the correct variant:

  1. We _____ to the theatre tonight. We have got tickets.
    will go
    are going

  2. What _____ tomorrow evening? Nothing. I am free.
    will you do
    are you doing

  3. If he _________ that, he will be sorry.
    will do

  4. If I leave now, I ________ in New York by 8:00 PM.
    will arrive

  5. Why are you putting on your coat? _____ out.
    I will go
    I am going

  6. Do you think Claire _____ us tonight?
    will phone
    is phoning

  7. If I bake a cake, ________ have some?
    will you
    do you

  8. If he ________ you, will you answer the phone?
    will call

  9. If you do not go to the party I ________ very upset.
    will be

  10. If you get a haircut you ________ much better.
    will look

  11. If you _________ greasy food, you will become fat.
    will eat

  12. If your sister goes to Paris, she _________ a good time.
    will have

  13. They _____ away tomorrow morning. Their train is at 8.40.
    will go
    are going

  14. I am sure _____ us some money. She is very rich.
    she will lend
    she is lending

  15. You ________ on your test if you do not study.
    will not do well
    do not do well

  16. They will not know the truth if you ________ them.
    will not tell
    do not tell

  17. Steve can not meet us on Saturday. _____.
    He will work
    He is working

  18. _____ you be at home tomorrow evening?

  19. This letter is for Rose. – OK. _____ it to her.
    I give
    I will give

  20. How do you use this camera? – Give it to me and _____ you.
    I show
    I will show

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