First conditional

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Тест№3 Conditional Sentence Type I or II

Выберите правильный вариант

  1. If you _____ the dishes, I _____ dinner tonight.
    wash; will cook
    washed; would cook

  2. I am not hungry. I _____ something to eat if I were hungry.
    will have
    would have

  3. If my dad _____ time next week, we _____ my room.
    has; will paint
    had; would paint

  4. You _____ a lot about American history if you _____ the exhibition.
    will learn; visit
    would learn; visit

  5. We _____ get there on time if we _____ the bus.
    will not; do not catch
    would not; did not catch

  6. You _____. If you could drive, I ______ you my car.
    can not drive; will lend
    can not drive; would lend

  7. If the weather is not too bad tomorrow, we _____ golf.
    will play
    would play

  8. I have a lot to do today. If I didn’t have to do so much, we _____.
    can go out
    could go out

  9. If I _____ more time, I _____ to play the guitar.
    have; will learn
    had; would learn

  10. If you _____ the car in the afternoon, I _____ shopping in the morning.
    need; will go
    needed; would go

  11. If _____ a hat, I _____ like an old woman.
    I wear; will look
    I wore; would look

  12. It _____ me if she _____ you.
    surprise; does not help
    would surprise; did not help

  13. If we knew more about history, we ________ of the test.
    will not be afraid
    would not be afraid

  14. I _____ jogging with Tom and Sue if they were here this week.
    will go
    would go

  15. If I ______ you, I _____ what to do.
    am; will not know
    were; would not know

  16. I _____ this bag if they have it in blue.
    will buy
    would buy

  17. He ______ too fast. I ______ him better if he talked slower.
    speaks; can understand
    speaks; could understand

  18. If she studied harder, she _____ better marks.
    will get
    would get

  19. She _____ in cash if she had a credit card.
    will not pay
    would not pay

  20. This letter is for Rose. – OK. _____ it to her.
    I give
    I will give

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