Second Conditional

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Тест№1 Second conditional

Выберите правильный вариант ответа. Choose the correct variant:

  1. If my grandfather were younger, he _________ so many things.
    would not forget
    did not forget

  2. If _______ the money, he would by a fast car.
    he have
    he had

  3. If she had an umbrella, she _________ wet.
    would not get
    did not get

  4. If we ________ a car, we would get there in 30 minutes.
    would have

  5. Jane likes living in a city. ________ happy if she lived in the country.
    She would not be
    She will not be

  6. If I _________ more money, I would buy a new car.
    would have

  7. If he changed jobs, he ________ much happier.
    will be
    would be

  8. If I wanted to learn Italian, _______ to Italy.
    I will go
    I would go

  9. If it was not raining, we ________ to the beach.
    would go
    will go

  10. I have not told Ann what happened. She would be angry if _______.
    she knew
    she would knew

  11. If _______ a map, I could show you where I live.
    we have
    we had

  12. I ________ more careful if I were you.
    would be

  13. What would you do if _______ a lot of money?
    you won

  14. It is not a very good hotel. _______ there if I were you.
    I will not stay
    I would not stay

  15. If animals could talk, I wonder what they ________?
    would say

  16. If _______ nearer to London, we would go there more often.
    we lived
    we live

  17. If she ________ harder, she would make more money.
    will work

  18. It is a pity you have to go now. _______ nice if you had more time.
    It will be
    It would be

  19. I am not going to take the job. I would take it if _______ better.
    the salary was
    a salary were

  20. You would not feel so tired if you ________ more.
    will sleep

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