Условные придаточные предложения

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Тест №4. Условные придаточные предложения

Choose the correct variant Выберите правильный вариант

  1. I can give you that book as soon as I (see) you.
    will see

  2. If the weather (be) fine tomorrow, we are going to the country.
    will be

  3. If you (catch) a taxi, you (be) late.
    catch, will not be
    will catch, will not be
    will catch, will be

  4. As soon as I (arrive) to Moscow, I (phone) you.
    will arrive, will phone
    will arrive, phone
    arrive, will phone

  5. If he (buy) a car, he (go) to the Black Sea this summer.
    buy, will go
    buys, will go
    will buy, go

  6. You should consult the doctor if you (feel) worse.
    will feel

  7. We (go) for a walk if I (finish) my work earlier.
    go, shall finish
    will go, shall finish
    shall go, finish

  8. You (stay) at home tonight if the weather is bad?
    will stay
    would stay

  9. If you (help) me, I (go on) working.
    will help, go on
    will help, shall go on
    help, shall go on

  10. If she (not / be) busy tomorrow, she probably (visit) you.
    is not busy, will visit
    wont be, will visit
    wont be, visits

  11. If they (want) to see you, they (come).
    will want, will come
    want, will come
    want, come

  12. We (have) enough time if you (come) early.
    will have, will come
    have, will come
    shall have, come

  13. If you (be) late, I can do the work myself.
    will be

  14. If you dont (send) the letter, you (lose) it.
    send, will lose
    will send, will lose
    will send, lose

  15. If Mike (go in for sport), he (forget) about his illness.
    goes in for sport, will forget
    will go in for sport, forgets
    go in for sport, will forget

  16. I will give you my notes if I (see) you tomorrow.
    will see

  17. If you dont (work) hard, you (not / pass) the examination.
    will work, wont pass
    works, wont pass
    work, wont pass

  18. You (miss) the train, if you (be) so slow.
    will miss, will be
    are miss, will be
    will miss, are

  19. If I (find) his address, I (phone) you.
    will find, will phone
    will find, phone
    find, will phone

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