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Тест №1 Синонимы / Synonyms

Synonyms. Select the word that has the same meaning as the word at the left.
Синонимы. Выберите слово, у которого то же значение, что и у слова слева.

  1. to adore
    to love
    to desire
    to celebrate

  2. to affect
    to include
    to influence
    to improve

  3. to alter
    to repair
    to make up
    to change

  4. to amuse
    to amaze
    to entertain
    to exaggerate

  5. to astonish
    to surprise
    to guess
    to pack

  6. to depart
    to compare
    to break
    to leave

  7. to fasten
    to feed
    to tie
    to dress

  8. to frighten
    to disturb
    to scare
    to comfort

  9. to happen
    to occur
    to accept
    to take part

  10. to hug
    to embrace
    to hand
    to wave

  11. to imitate
    to ignore
    to copy
    to draw

  12. to join
    to unite
    to enjoy
    to wrap

  13. to obtain
    to build
    to skip
    to get

  14. to preserve
    to pretend
    to keep
    to feed

  15. to require
    to need
    to provide
    to compel

  16. to select
    to display
    to choose
    to discover

  17. to settle
    to persuade
    to decide
    to deceive

  18. to shout
    to worry
    to stare
    to yell

  19. to tremble
    to shake
    to stretch
    to kneel

  20. to weep
    to fasten
    to cry
    to rub

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