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American Slang 2


fake = counterfeit, not real - поддельный, фальшивый
Пример: fake fur — искусственный мех

fly = very attractive
a G = $1,000 / a gangster
a grand = $1,000

to get into it with someone = to start arguing or fighting with someone

ghetto = a very poor area of a city

green = a way to say money

gnarly = very good, cool, awesome, enjoyable (pronounced "narly")
gold digger = a woman that is dating someone for their money

a groupie = a person (usually a girl) that follows a rock band, or rap artist with the intent of spending time with them - поклонница рок- или поп-группы, следующая за группой во всех гастрольных поездках

grenade = an overweight, unattractive girl (made popular by TV series Jersey Shore). Also see 'landmine' below.
grill = the front (usually metal) section on a car / someone's teeth

hater = someone that is jealous, dislikes something, or does not approve of something
to hang out = to be speding time somewhere or with someone

hangover = the negative effects of alcohol the day after heavy drinking - похмелье
Пример: быть с похмелья - have a hangover, have a bad / thick head

to be high = to under the influence of drugs
high tops = a kind of shoe that ends just above the ankle
to hit something = to go somewhere / to eat, drink, or smoke something

home boy = a friend (male)
hustler = a person that does whatever needed to make money (usually by illegal actions)

ice = diamonds
to be iced out = to be wearing a lot of diamonds

to be "in" = to be in style, stylish, or cool (usually used when talking about fashion)
jacked up = very excited, full of energy

to jack something = to steal something

a jam = a song

a joint = a marijuana cigarette

junk in the trunk = a butt, booty, buttocks
to keep it real = to not act against ones values or beliefs, to be true
kicks = a way to say shoes
kick at - проявлять недовольство, жаловаться
to knock someone out = to hit someone so hard they lose consciousness

to get knocked up = to accidently get pregnant (usually outside of marriage)
knockoff = something that is fake, not real (purse, shoes, etc.)
a knockout = a very attractive
Привет: The view from the top is a knockout. - Вид, открывающийся с вершины, - это что-то необыкновенное.
to kick the bucket = to die

landmine = an skinny unattractive girl - тощая девушка

loco = crazy

to be on lock down = to be forbidden to go anywhere

to be locked in = to be commited to doing something - обещать что-то сделать
commit oneself решитьcя на длительные отношения (с кем-л.)

to lock something up = when something is guaranteed to happen, something will surely happen due to someone's actions

to mess something up = to do something wrong, to ruin something
money maker = a butt, booty, buttocks

nada = nothing, none

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