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American Slang 3


to be packing heat = to be carrying a gun

paper = a way to say money

pimp = very cool, tight, awesome, fun, enjoyable / a male that is very successful with females
player = a male with many girlfriends

po po = police, police officer
to pop someone = to punch someone

what's popping? = what's going on?
to be popping off = to be very lively, exciting, fun, enjoyable
pop off - внезапно уйти, уехать, внезапно умереть, откинуться

props = compliments, respect, praise

to rep something = to represent something / to wear something (clothes)
ride = another way to say car
to take a ride = to go for a drive

to rock something = to wear something (clothes)

to run your mouth = to (continually) say offensive things
salt shaker = a butt, booty, buttocks

to school someone = to prove your dominance over someone

scrilla = another way to say money

sha-city / sha-town = chicago
to slang something = to sell something (usually drugs)

to get socked = to get punched
sock away - копить (деньги)
Пример: We started socking away an equal amount each month into our bank account. — Каждый месяц мы стали откладывать определённую сумму на наш банковский счёт.

to spit game = to flirt, talking to get the attention or affection of the opposite sex

a stash = a collection of something (usually secretive) / a mustache
a stash - тайник, нычка
to stash something = to hide something, save something - коллекционировать
stash away - утаивать, припрятывать, копить

steez = style
stunna = someone who owns and shows off their expensive things

to sweat someone = to intimidate someone - устрашать кого-то
to sweat something = to worry about something
to talk trash = to say offensive things

toe up = very ugly, unattractive
trill = very good, cool, awesome, tight

to trip, to be tripping = to be unnecessarily mad or angry / to be completely wrong about something

to be up on something = to know current information about something
где be up - фр.глагол вставать, проснуться, увеличиться, повысится, прибыть, случится

vibe = a feeling given off by a person or place - флюиды
Пример: He is giving off bad vibes. — Он не внушает доверия.

wack = stupid, not cool, not right

wheels / whip = a way to say car

whooty = white girl with a booty

wimp = someone who is not strong, not courageous, not daring

5-0 = police or police officer (pronounced "five-oh")

24/7 = non-stop, never stopping, never ending (pronounced "twenty four seven")

411 = information, news, gossip

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